Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

As a registered childminder I am required to ensure that any child in my care between the ages of birth and 5 follow the EYFS. All childcare settings are required to do so.

The EYFS sets the standards for learning, development and the care of young children.

In terms of Learning and Development the EYFS sets out 7 areas of learning; which consist of 3 prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • And four specific areas:
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge of the Worlds
  • Art and design

It sets out the foundations of future learning, and is based around a childs unique individual needs. More information about the 7 areas of learning is available here

As such regular observations will be undertaken to ensure that your child is advancing in all areas of development. Also to ensure that the activities that I am providing are relevant to the childs needs, and to assist me in identifying your childs next steps.

Children aged between birth and 5 years will be provided with an ongoing learning journal, and regular observations. Parents will be kept informed of progress daily, and are able to access  journals and observation information relating to their child whenever they like.

Further information regarding the EYFS is available here.

Eyfs sets out:

  • •The legal welfare requirements that everyone registered to look after children must follow to keep your child safe and promote their welfare
  • •The 7 areas of learning and development which guide professionals’ engagement with your child’s play and activities as they learn new skills and knowledge
  • •Assessments that will tell you about your child’s progress through the EYFS
  • •Expected levels that your child should reach at age 5, usually the end of the reception year.