Our Setting

Our Setting

Children’s needs are best met when space and resources allow children to play and learn. The environment should be warm and welcoming to children and parents. It should be safe and secure, with space organized and used to promote children’s development.

I live in a spacious 3 bedroom house with a good sized garden, there is a playroom and lounge for fun, play, story time, and quiet time, a dining room for messy play, arts and crafts etc and of course dining together and a kitchen where we do  baking activities .

In accordance with my registration requirements l provide a safe environment at all times that enables children to both explore confidently and develop at a rate that is appropriate to their age and stage of development and ability.


I provide appropriately furnished rooms for various activities, including quiet times. I have adequate indoor and outdoor space to enable children to experience a wide variety of activities.

During my time as a childminder I have amassed a vast range of activities and resources I have a soft spot for open ended play resources and classic natural wooden toys including a large train table, pirate ship, dolls house, childrens kitchen area, garage and airport, these are complimented by a range of popular childrens character toys.

I work with a fantastic assistant who is currently completing her Level 3 Diploma in Childrens and Young Peoples Workforce Qualification, she has worked with us for nearly 3 years, and she has paediatric first aid and is dbs checked in accordance with Ofsted requirements. She is committed to each childs individual development and she enjoys watching them grow, the children within the setting love her enthusiasm and energy. Working with an assistant enables us to provide more flexibilty to parents.

I am registered with Ofsted to provide wrap around care from Anson Primary school and as such work very closely with the school where we operate from the school dining room and are lucky enough to access to its extensive grounds.

Our Setting


  • Close Proximity to:
  •   Shugborough Hall,
  • Wolsely Bridge Nature Reserve,
  • Birches Valley
  • Amerton Farm

Setting Features

  • Spacious 3 Bedroom Home
  • Dedicated Play Area
  • Large Lounge for Additional Play Space/Quiet time.
  • Seperate Dining room for baking and dining together
  • Extensive Play Resources